Novi|Clarkson|Rochester Hills|Troy|Clawson| Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

Novi|Clarkston|Rochester Hills|Troy|Clawson| Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

Call buy levitra online a top rated Criminal Defense Lawyer or Attorney immediately for a Free Consultation and your best Free Legal Advice if you have been arrested or charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Novi, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Troy or Clawson Michigan. You must pursue your defense quickly and aggressively. You will need an Attorney to represent you in the 52nd District Court.  If charged with a felony, your case may end up in the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac Michigan. 

Our office handles all misdemeanors and felonies including but not limited to:  CCW, Felony Firearm, Felony in Possession, Assault, Domestic Violence, Spouse Abuse, Felonious Assault, Drug possession and delivery, possession of Marijuana, Analogues, Cocaine, Heroin, K2, CSC, Crimnal Sexual Conduct, Rape, Theft, Embezzlement, Retail Fraud, Shoplifting, Home Invasion, OWI, Drunk Driving, DUI, DWI, DWLS, Driving While License Suspended, Speeding, Careless and Reckless Driving, Traffic Tickets, and other offenses.

Learn priligy online more by clicking on any of the following offense categories that may apply to your case:

Weapons Charges
Assault / Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Sex Crimes
Theft / White Collar Crime
Drunk Driving / DUI
Traffic Violations


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