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While child support arrangements are established at the time of a divorce, they are not set in stone.

child-supportBecause the income levels of parents can change due to increases or decreases in salary, a new job or promotion, a lay-off, or illness, courts allow modifications to child support. When these changes occur to either parent, that parent needs effective legal representation to obtain a fair modification of child support payment levels.

Donald H. Peters understands the challenges that often accompany these issues. She provides straightforward answers to child support and its related issues.

Assisting Clients When Circumstances Change

At the Law Offices of Donald H. Peters, we believe that required child support should be fair. We know the Michigan child support laws and how Michigan courts interpret that law. We have a great deal of experience in obtaining fair and affordable child support payments and modifications for both men and women.

Sometimes a parent with child support obligations who experiences an increase in income then attempts to hide that income in order to avoid paying additional child support. We know how to find that hidden income and have the rightful portion of it paid to you.

A parent with child support obligations can move to another state. As experienced child support lawyers, we know the child support laws of other states, and how to have child support orders enforced there.

Child buy clomid support obligations need not be established by a divorce decree. An unmarried parent may be required to pay child support. We can establish paternity, either through voluntary DNA test of the father or through a paternity suit. When paternity is established, we can then assist in obtaining a child support order.

Donald H. Peters also assists clients with criminal charges, bankruptcy, divorce and family law matters, including child custody and visitation, adoption, and restorative counseling.

Please be forewarned, that if there is a court order requiring you to pay child support and you fall behind in your payments, the County or the State can file felony criminal charges against you. Most people do not realize that this is a felony criminal matter called Felony Nonsupport, or Failure to Pay Child Support. It is a Felony and prosecutors will try to get you to plea to a felony and agree to pay an amount per month that you may not be able to afford. This will often set you up for failure for future probation violations, not to mention the fact that you will have a felony conviction on your record which will create great difficulty in maintaining employment and will make it very difficult to obtain future employment. If your record currently contains no felonies, you will not want to incur a felony merely because you are unable to afford your child support payments. This law is totally unfair as it punishes individuals on the basis of wealth or lack of wealth and the Attorney Don Peters realizes this. Lawyer Donald Peters has handled hundreds of Felony nonsupport cases and is one of the very few Michigan Lawyers who has ever taken a Felony Nonsupport case to jury trial. You should call the Law Offices of Donald H. Peters immediately to protect your record, your freedom, and your finances. Call for a Free Consultation now. (248) 549-3485.

Contact our Southfield, Michigan Child Support LawyerIf you are considering divorce and have questions about child support, please contact the Southfield, Michigan child support attorney at the Law Offices of Donald H. Peters, P.C. for a free initial consultation. Our firm can be reached by phone at 248-549-3485.

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