Michigan Social Security Attorney

Person Filling Social Security Disability Claim - social security professionals - law office donald h peters michiganHelp Individuals in Michigan with Social Security Disability Benefits

Do you suffer from a health condition that prevents you from working in Michigan? Do you need to know if you meet Social Security disability eligibility requirements?

The Law Office of Donald Peters has a well-known and respected Social Security Disability law office. We will gladly help you determine your eligibility and get you the answers you need.

How we can help.

The Law Offices of Donald H Peters can help you with the following related to Social Security Benefits:

  • Qualifying for benefits
  • Help with claims for Social Security Disability benefits
  • Understanding disability law and requirements
  • Social Security benefits application process
  • Online filing
  • Appealing a decision

Types of Disability Benefits Michiganians Can Qualify for under Social Security Act

There are five types of disability benefits that are available under the Social Security Act. They are:

  • SSDI (Disability Insurance Benefits)
  • SSDI (Disabled Widows, Widowers, or Surviving Divorced Spouse)
  • SSDI (Childhood Disability)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • SSI (Child’s Disability)

For more information about how The Law Office of Donald H Peters can help you with issues related to Social Security benefits, visit our sister page at: socialsecurityprofessionals.com