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You need  NO MONEY to hire a Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer at the Law Offices of Donald H. Peters.  Call today for a no obligation Free Consultation and let our expertise work best for you.  Call now for the best Free Advice.  (248) 549-3485


If your application for Social Security Disability SSD or SSI benefits has been denied, you should call for a Free Consultation and Free Advice with a top rated Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer who can best help you win your appeal hearing in Oak Park, Detroit, Lansing, Port Huron, Flint, Grand Rapids, Livonia, or any ODAR appeal hearing office in Michigan.  While a Social Security Claim may not be a quick process, we strive to obtain fast results and favorable awards of benefits.  We Also represent Claimants at Video appeal hearings anywhere in the United States. There is no fee unless you win. That is our guarantee.

All your working life, you paid into the Social Security Fund with every paycheck you ever earned so that you could one day receive Social Security benefits when you retired or Social Security Disability benefits if you became disabled before retirement.  Now, you cannot work because of a physical or mental condition.  You need Social Security Disability benefits to help you survive financially.  Now, the Social Security Administration has denied your application or appeal claiming that you are not disabled.  You need immediate help from a Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyer in Michigan experienced in the handling of SSI and Social Security Disability Hearings and Appeals in Michigan.  You will need a Michigan Disability Lawyer to fight the government's medical and vocational experts who testify against you.  Let a Social Security Disability expert fight for you.  Call Attorney Don Peters at (248) 549-3485 for a Free Consultation to learn how he can win your claim.   Your case will not be given to a less experienced associate.  Donald H. Peters, himself, and nobody else, will work your case for you.  He will put his expertise in Medical knowledge and Social Security Laws to work for you to help win your claim or appeal.

If you need a Michigan disability attorney, at the Law Offices of Donald H. Peters, PC, we have the training and experience to handle any social security disability claim or supplemental security income (SSI) claim.  Regardless of your age or the number of denials, whether your disability is total, permanent, or partial, our Michigan disability attorneys can help you win whether your claim is a child or adult claim. Call 248-549-3485 for expert free advice.  There will be no attorney fee without a recovery.  That is our guarantee.

Why were you denied?

Social Security claims can involve complex medical issues.

We buy priligy online have seen just how these medical conditions can affect people, and our Micihigan disability attorneys know how to successfully present their claims:

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome- In one or both extremities.
  • Arthritis of Weight-Bearing Joints- Even when seated these can cause severe pain.
  • Pain Medications- beyond an existing condition, medications can place non-functional limitations on individuals. Problems with pace or staying on task, bad days, and even psychological complications can result.
  • Spinal Disorders
  • Herniated Discs- Sometimes called pinched nerve, bulging or slipped disc, or sciatica, can cause localized or widespread pain.
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries- A variety of injuries can result from performing the same actions over and over again.
  • Work Related Injuries- Often a person’s job can contribute to long-term health problems.
  • Diabetes
  • HIV
  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • Cardiovascular buy levitra Problems and Heart Disease
  • Closed head injuries
  • Psychological Disabilities
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Agoraphobia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Bowel Disorders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Other Social Security Disability or SSI Claims- There are many more conditions that can qualify for benefits. Please contact us to find buy kamagra online out if your condition qualifies.

Our Michigan disability attorneys have always had the utmost respect for our clients. We want you to feel comfortable and we want to make sure that all of your needs are met. No injury or claim is too complex for the Law Offices of Donald buy clomid online H. Peters, P.C.

Beware of inexperienced representatives.  Many representatives are not attorneys and cannot go into court.  Some law-firms send their new and inexperienced young attorneys to handle Social Security Claims.  When your benefits are on the line, you don't want an inexperienced kid handling your claim.  You want an experienced veteran attorney which is what you will get at Social Security Professionals.  At our office, you will have a licensed Michigan Lawyer with at least 25 years of experience handling your claim.

Social Security Professionals is totally dedicated to representing Social Security Disabilty cases in Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, Detroit, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Inkster, Farmington Hills, Livonia,  Southfield, Oak Park, Redford, Roseville, Royal Oak, Troy, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Mount Clemens, Sterling Heights, Warren, Wyandotte, Waterford, Port Huron, Dearborn, Southfield, Lansing, Lincoln Park, Monroe and all cities throughout Michigan. Livonia Social Security Disability Lawyers and Attorneys handling Social Security Disability Appeals in Livonia Michigan.
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