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A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, but the most common place a slip and fall injury occurs is a commercial property. A commercial property can be an office, grocery store, hotel, or airport. Slip and falls can also occur in a private residence. Slip and fall injuries most commonly occur when there are dangerous conditions present. For example, a slippery floor, a cracked or damage walkway, or poor lighting can cause a slip and fall or trip and fall. If the property owner or manager was aware of the hazard before your accident or injury occured, they may be liable for any damages you incur as a result of your fall. To understand your options and rights fully, you should contact a Michigan slip and fall attorney to help you with your claim.


The Law Office of Donald Peters is here to help slip and fall accident victims find experienced legal representation in the State of Michigan. We can help you to recover compensation for the following damages:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Rehab and Recovery Costs
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Temporary and Permanent Disability

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Advantages of Hiring a Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyer

There are many advantages to hiring a Slip and Fall attorney to help you handle your Michigan injury case. The insurance companies representing the negligent party will have an experienced, expensive team of lawyers helping them, so going at it alone is not a good idea. Instead, hire a slip and fall lawyer to help you build your case that costs you nothing out of pocket and who only gets paid out of the insurance companies settlement or not at all in the unlikely event they don’t recover.

The first advantage to hiring a slip and fall lawyer is they understand the law and procedures associated specifically with Michigan premise liability cases. Likewise, they also understand the timing and statutes of limitations that may place strain on your case. An experienced attorney can help you through these processes that have no substitute for experience.

A slip and fall accident lawyer can also help you to maximize the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies will undervalue your case (that’s their job) and will try to downplay the injuries of accident victims. Their goal is to pay as little as possible in benefits. An experienced Michigan attorney can help you with all your options, negotiate with the insurance companies for you, and if necessary, will represent you in court.

While your attorney works for you, you can focus on recovery. We speak to many injury victims whose situation seemed to get worse when they tried to both recover from their injuries and handle the paperwork, phone calls, meetings, and stress that come along with a slip and fall claim. Instead, hire an attorney to do the work for you and focus on your recovery.

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